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Ningbo Ailang Hydraulic machinery co., LTD is a professional design, production and sales of MK, MS, MCR series piston motor, QJM radial steel ball inside and outside the hydraulic motor, reducer, the five-star motor, hydraulic winch, winch, hydraulic valve, the processing of hydraulic pump and milling drivers and hydraulic accessories national key high-tech enterprise, the company is located in ningbo city, zhejiang province, adjacent to ningbo airport and beilun deep water port, the transportation is convenient. We offer a variety of products, consistent quality and human services to customers. We always believe that our plunger motors, hydraulic pumps, reducers, milling machines and other products are the result of our cooperation.
Our company in ningbo as the core, the sales network extends all over the country, we are united around hydraulic professional talent and enterprise with years of experience, efforts to make the repair and remanufacturing quality manufacturer in the country.
Ailang Hydraulic as a national high-tech enterprise, adhere to the "scientific and technological innovation" development, with advanced processing technology, excellent production equipment and an excellent research and development technical team, the company production of MK, MS, MCR series motor and accessories products can completely replace foreign original brand, now we have become as many domestic engineering machinery, coal mining machinery manufacturers supporting production partners, especially the company recently successfully developed series products of milling drivers, once had to get the favor of customers, have received domestic each big manufacturer of bulk orders.
Now, Ningbo Ailang Hydraulic machinery co., LTD will continue to be in line with "dedicated, professional, innovative" spirit, constantly strengthen the company's research and development, design and production capacity, continuously meet the needs of customers at a deeper level, and the general new old customers hand in hand altogether will create the new brilliance.

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